Fee Structure

  1. Annual membership dues shall be $350 per school and schools will receive an invoice by the NBIAA mid June.  A late administration fee of $50 will be accessed if payment is received after September 15th. Members not in good standing will be ineligible from all NBIAA activities after this date until the fine is received at the NBIAA office.
  2. Each team registration shall be $50. Exception: Badminton (junior boys and girls combined, senior boys and girls combined), track & field (boys, girls, junior and senior combined). The team registration fee for boys and girls hockey will be $250 per team. The team fees and insurance fees are due once the school has received an invoice by the NBIAA.
  3. A U.S. Sanction Fee of $50 is required for schools to compete against teams in the United States
  4. Insurance Fee
    • $6.00 per athlete for all sports, except hockey
    • $55 per hockey player; $30 per coach & bench staff
Team Registration Fee
Baseball $50
Field Hockey $50
Football $50
Boys Golf $50
Girls Golf $50
Senior Boys Soccer $50
Junior Boys Soccer $50
Senior Girls Soccer $50
Junior Girls Soccer $50
Softball $50
Senior Boys Cross Country $50 (see O.R. 21.5)
Junior Boys Cross Country $50 (see O.R. 21.5)
Senior Girls Cross Country $50 (see O.R. 21.5)
Junior Girls Cross Country $50 (see O.R. 21.5)
Senior Boys Swimming $50 (see O.R. 21.13)
SeniorBoys Swimming $50 (see O.R. 21.13)
Senior Girls Swimming $50 (see O.R. 21.13)
Junior Girls Swimming $50 (see O.R. 21.13)
Senior Boys Basketball $50
Junior Boys Basketball $50
Senior Girls Basketball $50
Junior Girls Basketball $50
Boys Hockey $250
Girls Hockey $250
Cheerleading $50
Sr. Boys Wrestling $50
Girls Wrestling $50
Jr. Boys Wrestling $50
Senior Badminton $50
Junior Badminton $50
Senior Boys Volleyball $50
Junior Boys Volleyball $50
Senior Girls Volleyball $50
Junior Girls Volleyball $50
Boys Rugby $50
Girls Rugby $50
Track & Field $50


Penalty Fees

  1. $50 Penalty Fee - Late Registration: A school may register, subject to a $50 penalty, after the stated deadline if competition has not begun leading to provincial play.
  2. $200 Penalty Fee - Withdrawing from competition in a given activity after the due date (see exception O.R. 2.2), may be subject to a fine of up to $200 and possible suspension from participating in that activity in the succeeding season. The penalty is subject to appeal to the Executive Committee.
  3. $200 Penalty Fee - A team must compete in all conference and/or regional obligations and commitments. Failure to do this will result to a fine of up to $200 and a possible suspension from participation in that activity in the succeeding season.
  4. $200 Penalty Fee - A player’s list sent to the NBIAA office after the due date will be subject to an administrative fee of $200.The team will be declared ineligible for the remainder of the season after a period of 5 school days.
  5. $100 Penalty Fee - Addition per athlete to team's players' list after the deadline. (Exception for all Group A activities.) See O.R. 2.4
  6. $20 Penalty Fee - Late Fees: Team Fees and Insurance Fees are due within 14 days after receiving the NBIAA invoice.
  7. $1000 Penalty Fee - Any member school violating the provisions of Article 3 - Competition with Non-Members of the By-Laws may be fined up to $1000 and the Executive Committee may levy additional penalties as it deems are warranted.