Schedules / Results

There are two separate ways to view the schedules, results and rankings:

1.     On the NBIAA website, click on ‘Schedules/Results’ and the full NBIAA Calendar will appear, as well as the new purple legend for ‘Games’.  There are several viewing options within the ‘Filters’ section and suggest to uncheck the ‘Select/Unselect All’ box.  This will remove all filtered check marks and clear the calendar of all items.  Then check ‘Games’ to see all scheduled games per day and other filters can be selected according to the sport(s) required.

Each calendar day in purple will show the number of games scheduled that day.  Click on a date and all games will appear below the calendar, grouped by league, exhibition, tournament and NBIAA Sanction and there is also a ‘Search’ field.

2.     If you are looking for your league results, you must go to that sport site (Ex: Sports, Spring, Volleyball) and then click on ‘Results & Ranking’ from that sport menu.  Once teams start entering their schedules, this section will display each league (ex: Volleyball Sr (Girls) AA North).  The following information will be displayed upon entering a league: league schedule & rankings, league playoff schedule & rankings (if required), exhibition, tournament and NBIAA sanction games.  There is also the option to ‘Search’ on this page as well.