Coaching Courses

As of May 1, 2019, the NBIAA is now offering an updated version of the NBIAA Coaching Certification course as an online eLearning module hosted on the Coaching Association of Canada's online Locker. The updated coaching course, The Coach's Guide To The NBIAA, was developed in partnership with Coach NB, with assistance from the Coaching Association of Canada. 

A Coach’s Guide to the NBIAA
 has been designed to educate the teacher coach, as well as the non-teacher coach who has volunteered to coach in a New Brunswick high school. This FREE online course will help coaches to understand NBIAA policies, school procedures, and the role of a high school coach.

All registered members on the coaching staff must have successfully completed a NBIAA Coaching Certification course (pre 2017 or post 2018), prior to the beginning of the sport season.  If a coach is not certified, they will not be able to coach until they have taken and passed the course.

To take the course, please click HERE to access ‘The Locker’ to login using your NCCP# or create one and take the course under the navigation bar for 'ELEARNING'.

To view coaches who have completed the course, go to and click on 'Public Transcript' and enter their NCCP number and their last name.

Please refer to the NBIAA Coaching Certification Chart for further details on required courses* per sport, with the provided links below.



Making Head Way - Concussion Course *

Coach Initiation in Sport

Coaching Athletes with a Disability


Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport

Make The Call (Ethical decision-making course for student-athletes)



Recommend - The soccer "C" Licence



NCCP Safe Contact Course *

NCCP Competition Introduction  Part A



Respect in Sport * (formerly Speak Out)



Safety Course * (expires after 5 years)

Hockey Canada Coach 2 Course (or higher certifilcation)



Community Initiation World Rugby Level 1 Course (or higher certifilcation)



You can also find many other related FREE coaching courses through School Sports Canada Learning Centre, such as:

  • Tobacco - "Be the NORM"
  • Engagine Effectively with Parents
  • Legal Course for Coaches
  • Fundamentals of Athletics: Track, Jumping & Throwing