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Dec 2019
Mercy Rule - Straight time will be run when there is a 30 point lead in the 4th quarter, but if both coaches agree, they may play the reminder of the game, to which the final score counts.
* When the mercy rule is in effect, the clock will be stopped for time outs, as well as for injuries which would be at the discretion of the officials.  The Mercy Rule will not be in effect for Regionals to Provincials.


Substitutes and coaches should not be standing in front of the scorer’s tables during play. This makes it difficult for the minor officials to follow the play on the floor. When substitutes go to the scorer’s table and ask for a sub,  they must sit or kneel beside the table until the play becomes dead and are allowed to sub. For the coaches, please be reminded that there is a coaches box which starts 5 meters from the center line and officials will ask the coach’s to stay in their coaches box so the minor officials can do their job well.


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