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February 24, 2022

a)      Financials
MOTION that the entry fee for teams on the financial form will remain at $80, but not collected in advance and the financial rebate will be 10% to the NBIAA, 60% to the host team and 30% to the visiting team.
Moved by: C. Shea
Second by: M. Cameron                                                             CARRIED.

Set schedules – advancing teams are to follow the set schedules determined by the NBIAA.  If there are Covid or weather issues, teams must notify the NBIAA and an alternate schedule will be considered if required. 


February 16, 2022

Basketball season

a)    Covid issues are arising for many teams and we advise those schools to consult their conference president to assist with possible solutions.

b)    Regional dates will remain status quo.  The NBIAA will review schedules and some games may need to be held on Saturday where required.  Possible options if a team is out due to Covid would be to delay the game, the 3rd place team could advance or the #1 seed may get a bye.  To prepare for the possibility of a team being unable to advance due to Covid, we suggest that the 3rd & 4th place seeding game be played on Sunday. If a team is down to 6 players, the possibility of moving up a player from the Junior team can be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

c)    Senior Sectionals will remain status quo.

MOTION to allow the sectional non-winning teams to play at a neutral site if they wish no later than March 9th.

Moved by: J. Allain
Second by: D. Taylor                                                                   CARRIED.  

d)    Jr. Championships will remain status quo.

e)    Sr. Championships

MOTION to allow the Final 12 Basketball Championships to be held at TD Station with a revised schedule and no team banquet.

Moved by: N. Everett
Second by: M. Cameron                                                              CARRIED.  

f)     Tournaments at Level 1 will not be permitted.

MOTION to extend the exhibition season for teams who have been eliminated from provincial playoffs until March 10th.

Moved by: D. Taylor
Second by: M. Head                                                                    DEFEATED.  


January 31, 2022

a)     Leagues determine their top two teams per conference no later than February 23rd AM.

b)     Regionals
MOTION to allow Jr. & Sr. Regionals to occur on February 25th at 6pm and February 27th at 2pm.  Game times can be adjusted while taking into consideration the opponent’s location in order to avoid hotel stays.
Moved by: D. Taylor
Second by: S. Hachey                                                    CARRIED.
Friday 6:00 PM, if a school is hosting a double (5:00pm and 8:00pm)
#1 seeds in each conference host the #2 seeds from other conference. 
Sunday 2:00 PM, if a school is hosting a double (12:00pm and 3:00pm) 
SW – South hosts boys and West hosts girls unless two remaining teams are from the same conference.
NE – North hosts the boys and East hosts the girls unless two remaining teams are from the same conference. 

c)      Senior Sectionals
MOTION to allow sectionals to occur on March 4th, 5th or 6th at 2pm.  Game times can be adjusted while taking into consideration the opponent’s location in order to avoid hotel stays.
Moved by: M. Head
Second by: A. Fitton                                                       CARRIED.

Saturday 2:00, if a school is hosting a double (1:00pm and 4:00pm) 
#1 seeds from the Regionals host the #2 seeds from the opposite Regional

d)     Senior Championships - March 11, 12 or 13 timeframe for those advancing to host the final provincial game.  If TD Station cannot be used for the Final 12, the Executive Director has flipped a coin to determine hosts:
AAA Boys - SW                         AAA Girls - SW
AA Boys - SW                           AA Girls - NE
A Boy - NE                                A Girls – NE
If both teams are from the same conference, the #1 seed hosts.

e)     Junior Basketball
MOTION to allow Jr. Provincials to occur with the semi-finals on March 4th at 6pm and the finals on March 6th at 2pm.  Game times may be adjusted by the NBIAA while taking into consideration the opponent’s location in order to avoid hotel stays.
Moved by: D. Taylor

Second by: K. Allen                                                        CARRIED.
The final game hosts will be:
AAA Boys - NE                         AAA Girls - SW
AA Boys – NE                           AA Girls - SW
If both teams are from the same conference, the #1 seed hosts.

The NBIAA will determine all provincial locations if needed, due to the distance of travel involved for those participating teams.


January 26, 2022

Basketball season – Leagues will need to be creative in determining their top two teams and consultation will be required with each Athletic Director.  Votes on league advancement will follow By-Law Article 8, Section 1.  Exhibition games can be played until March 6th, but league games take precedence.


Mercy Rule -
Straight time will be run when there is a 40 point lead in the 4th quarter, but if both coaches agree, they must notify the officials and may play the reminder of the game, to which the final score counts.  When the mercy rule is in effect, there shall be no deliberate pressing or trapping anywhere on the court by either team The mercy Rule will not be in effect at the Regionals, Sectionals or Provincials.
* When the mercy rule is in effect, the clock will be stopped for time outs, as well as for injuries which would be at the discretion of the officials. 


Basketball Score Book

Basketball Scorebooks (Bilingual) - 25 games per book
$15 each or two for $25

Substitutes and coaches should not be standing in front of the scorer’s tables during play. This makes it difficult for the minor officials to follow the play on the floor. When substitutes go to the scorer’s table and ask for a sub,  they must sit or kneel beside the table until the play becomes dead and are allowed to sub. For the coaches, please be reminded that there is a coaches box which starts 5 meters from the center line and officials will ask the coach’s to stay in their coaches box so the minor officials can do their job well.


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