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NBIAA will promote quality experiences by enriching education and enhancing personal development through high school sports.


To be the governing body of high school sports, where we create, promote, and facilitate positive sporting experiences in an educational environment in the province of New Brunswick.


Quality Experiences

The NBIAA strives to create and facilitate a quality high school sporting experiences for studentathletes, coaches, officials, school administrators, students, and volunteers. These experiences are fostered through competition, opportunities, events, sportsmanship, and educational values.

Excellence in Sport

The NBIAA will provide sporting opportunities at the A, AA, and AAA levels of competition. The NBIAA-ASINB will attempt to ensure fair play, facilitate the positive development of studentathletes, create a competitive sporting environment, and to ensure the safety of student-athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers.


A core value of the NBIAA-ASINB is to be recognized as an organization the promotes and fosters inclusiveness and equity in high school sports throughout the province of NB. All studentathletes and coaches should have an opportunity to participate in high school sports.


A core value of the NBIAA-ASINB to promote Respect in high school sports. Respect can involve student-athletics, coaches, officials, volunteers, school administrators, and parents. Respect is understood as instilling values that include sportsmanship, integrity, fair play, safety management, physical development, and promoting positive psychological development for student-athletes, coaches, parents of student-athletes, and school administrators.


A core value of the NBIAA-ASINB is to be the organization that facilitates the development of leaders (student-athletes, coaches, and volunteers) through high school sport.

Educational Values

A core value of the NBIAA-ASINB is to promote and facilitate the educational values within the context of high school sports. The educational values are established by the Department of Education under the Provincial Student Code of Conduct Guidelines. This document states that, “The Provincial Student Code of Conduct reflects the values and behaviours that will help New Brunswick schools be positive, caring and safe places to learn and work” (Government of New Brunswick, 2018, p.2). This code of conduct is applicable to the student-athlete, parent, teacher, school administrator, and member of the school community