Wrestling News

February 24, 2022

a)    Meets may begin - NBIAA Wrestling Provincials will be hosted by St. Stephen out of UNB on March 26th. 

b)    Meets required - FHS will host a meet on March 19th, advised to secure additional meets for athletes prior to Provincials.

MOTION that athletes must participate in one NBIAA Tournament between now and the Provincial weekend for this year only.

Moved by: S. Hachey
Second by: D. Taylor                                                                 CARRIED.

January 31, 2022

Wrestling season - Individual schools can train with their consistent group of five athletes in accordance to Public Health guidelines. 

MOTION to allow wrestling to continue until March Break and Provincial playdowns will be determined at that time.

Moved by: D. Taylor
Second by: S. Hachey                                                               CARRIED.



Coaches who had athletes participate in only one (1) tournament because of injury, may apply to the NBIAA by submitting a Medical-Weather Provision Form two weeks prior to the Provincials for permission to have the athlete (now healthy) declared eligible to participate. It is recommended that medical personnel be available on site for all NBIAA sanctioned events. If a team chooses to not participate in two open NBIAA sanctioned tournaments during the season, then they cannot have an athlete use the injury provision