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NBIAA Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Corporate sponsorship of the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Associations provides a company exposure in the high school market. The NBIAA reaches the individuals who recommend equipment and services, as well as make the majority of the purchasing and budgeting decisions. Many advertising options and sponsorship opportunities are available through the NBIAA. NBIAA sponsorship helps companies reach coaches, athletic directors, officials and student-athletes.

Corporate sponsors are encouraged to use the NBIAA logo in advertising and promoting their product. Sponsors may also use the trademark phrase "Official Sponsor of the NBIAA High School Sports".

Sponsorship packages can be customized to enhance a company's needs and vision.

The NBIAA wants to help you reach the High School Market!

Please contact the NBIAA by phone at 506-457-4843 or by e-mail at for more information.

Why advertise with NBIAA?

  • 36,000 hits per month on average and growing on the NBIAA website
  • Reach thousands of sport enthusiasts
  • Support your local community

Who you can reach?

  • We reach all students from grade 9 to 12 in the New Brunswick Schools.
  • We oversee 39 activities and 17 different sports.
  • We run 72 Provincial Championships.
  • We have over 16, 000 student-athletes involved.
  • We have over 2000 coaches.
  • We have over 450 managers.

How will you benefit from being a NBIAA sponsor?

  • Obtain provincial visibility at Provincial Championships.
  • Obtain provincial awareness of our company, product and services.
  • Able to enhance your company's image with high school student-athletes.
  • Able to generate good will and community involvement
  • Complimentary passes to all Provincial Championships for your company
  • Advertising on the NBIAA web site.
  • Advertising in the NBIAA Handbook distributed to 75 high schools in the Province.
  • A good corporate citizen who helps insures that the NBIAA Championships remain the high quality events they have grown to become since 1926.

How will the NBIAA assist you in providing valuable exposure for your investment?

  • Advertising in the form of banners and signage at Provincial Championships
  • Display of company's logo on NBIAA letterhead, emails, handbooks, calendars and on the NBIAA web site.
  • The NBIAA will assist in any of your company's promotions which meet the standards of the association.
  • Corporate partners will be entitled to a variety of benefits, including tickets to events and pre and post event hospitality.
  • NBIAA corporate partners involvement is founded on quality, integrity, and highly regarded values. Intelligent, informed, good faith commitment by the participants will assure the long-term well-being of the involvement.

If you or your company is interested in advertising with NBIAA, please submit the company profile below to the NBIAA office via email. Upon receiving your company profile, a NBIAA representative will contact you to discuss advertising options.

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