Insurance Information

Benefits and Coverage - Highlights

Policy Number: CAS6831941-01

  • Accident Insurance Forms are to be filled out within 30 days of a sport accident. 
  • All claims must be submitted with itemized statements and paid receipts.  The original claim form and original receipts are only required if there is no other insurance coverage available and must be mailed to the NBIAA Office.  For secondary insurance coverage, copies of the claim form and receipts can be emailed.
  • In the 'Certification of Association' section at the bottom of page 1, please complete the required information and the NBIAA office must approve and sign the bottom of that section.
  • The NBIAA office will send the documents to the insurance company for processing.
  • The parents or guardians will be contacted by the Markel Canada Insurance company, within 2 months.

Please click HERE for the Sport Claim Form for all NBIAA sports, except hockey.

Send completed forms along with any invoices for expenses you incurred to:
    1. For primary insurance coverage, all originals must be sent by mail:
        20 McGloin Street
        Fredericton, NB
        E3A 5T8
    2. For secondary insurance coverage, copies can be emailed to

For Hockey Insurance, please click HERE.