NBIAA Handbook


The 2023-2024 Handbook will be published and distributed in the Fall of 2023 and each school will receive two (2) copies.

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2023-2024 Handbook Table of Contents
Section 1 Directory and Classification of Schools
Section 2 Philosophy and Responsibility
Section 3 Constitution
Section 4 By-Laws
Section 5 Operating Regulations
Operating Regulations for Activities
Section 6 Policies – Fair Play Codes and Sponsor Policy
Section 7 Fee Structure
Section 9 Appendixes 
     1 - Lightning Protocol
     2 - Concussion
     3 - NBIAA Recommendations
     4 - NBIAA Awards Information
     5 - NBIAA Insurance Manual
     6 - Tournament Manager's Handbook
     7 - NBIAA Provincial Hosting - Minimum Standards
NBIAA Handbook
$10 each
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