NBIAA Handbook


The 2024-2025 Handbook will be published and distributed in the Fall of 2024 and each school will receive two (2) copies.
To order and additional copy of the handbook, please vist the NBIAA Square site and place your order before August 31 2024.


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2023-2024 Handbook Table of Contents
Section 1 Directory and Classification of Schools
Section 2 Philosophy and Responsibility
Section 3 Constitution
Section 4 By-Laws
Section 5 Operating Regulations
Operating Regulations for Activities
Section 6 Policies – Fair Play Codes and Sponsor Policy
Section 7 Fee Structure
Section 9 Appendixes 
     1 - Lightning Protocol
     2 - Concussion
     3 - NBIAA Recommendations
     4 - NBIAA Awards Information
     5 - NBIAA Insurance Manual
     6 - Tournament Manager's Handbook
     7 - NBIAA Provincial Hosting - Minimum Standards
NBIAA Handbook
$10 each
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