Sanction Process Information

Pleas refer to By-Law Article 3 - COMPETITION WITH NON-MEMBERS for full details.

No student or team from member schools shall compete in any tournament or exhibition play (alumni & fundraising games included) unless the contest has been sanctioned by the NBIAA.  Schools or teams are responsible for verification of sanction approval by the NBIAA, prior to accepting an invitation.

  1. Schools must login under the NBIAA website and submit their application using the NBIAA Online sanction request.
  2. The NBIAA will decide if sanction is granted once they investigate the details of the tournament or game(s).
  3. The Operating Regulation O.R. 15.5 will be a factor in the decision to sanction an event.
  4. The NBIAA will not sanction tournaments or game(s) after or before the season of play for the sport in question.
  5. The onus of checking for approval is on the team, an invitation should not be accepted until sanction has been received.
  6. Applications by member schools for tournaments or exhibition games with teams within the 'Region' (Maritime Provinces and Maine) must be submitted at least (2) weeks prior to the event and at least four (4) weeks prior to the event when involving teams outside the "Region". Schools will be assesed a fee of $100 in order to approve a sanction request after the deadline.
  7. Post-Secondary Institutions must apply to the NBIAA through a member school for sanction of compettion involving teams or players of member schools. The application must be submitted using the NBIAA online sanction request at least four (4) weeks prior to the season of play. This member school must act as a co-sponsor with the non-member organization. Schools will be assessed a fee of $500 to submit a sanction request and a fee of $100 in order to approve a sanction request received after the dealine.