Tournament Checklist

The following items are pre-set by the NBIAA.

  1. Date of tournament or meet
  2. Tournament and meet format
  3. Awards (banners and medals)
  4. Budget limitations
  5. Rule modifications
  6. Officials' expenses
  7. Game equipment
  8. Facility specifications

The following procedures must be followed by the Tournament Manager:

  1. Entry fees are to be charged to competing schools including host school for all activities except the Final 12 basketball tournament. The amount of the entry fee must cover the officials' expenses, minor officials, facility and custodiam and be paid by all participating teams.  Please refer to O.R. 5.1 for the set entry fees per sport.
  2. The NBIAA will set the entry fee per player for regional and provincial badminton tournaments and admission prices for the semi-finals and finals in boys and girls hockey.  Please refer to O.R. 5.3 for admission prices.
  3. The host team will be responsible for all game equipment.
  4. The cost of janitor services can be included under expenses. Receipts are required.
  5. For the financial rebates to the NBIAA, the school host and participating teams, please refer to each sport O.R. for more detailed information.

Tournament Managers must contact the NBIAA office by email immediately following the tournament or meet with the results.  Results must also be sent to the major newspapers and to your local radio and T.V. stations as well.

Newspaper Phone Fax Email
Daily Gleaner 452-6671 452-7405
L'Acadie Nouvelle 383-1955 383-7440
Telegraph Journal 645-3224 633-6758
Times & Transcript 859-7149 859-4904


Tournament Checklist:

Personnel Equipment
Teams Benches – chairs –water – towels – practice balls – waste baskets – oranges, etc.
Official’s Table Game ball
Referees Extra whistles – rule book
Timers Timer (Operating) – Tables – Chairs
30 sec. Timers 30 sec. Lights – stop watches – horn
Scorekeeper Score sheets – pens
P. A. System P. A. System (operating) – Program
Foul Indicator Foul cards
Gate Supervisor & Workers Table – chairs – cash box – change – tickets – programs – hand stamp
Concession Menus – cash box – change – food, etc.
Hosts & Hostesses Team envelopes – keys – smiles
First Aid – Medical Room – first aid supplies and equipment
Social Committee Music, other entertainment
Official Opening P.A. systems, podium if necessary and person for introductions
Coaches Meeting Room – paper – pens –agenda
Awards Presenter – P. A. system, reporters, photographers
Spectators Designated area for band, ushers, cheerleaders, special fans – coat hangers – coat ranks – clean bleachers – safe bleachers – directions to washrooms, etc.
Janitorial Services
Other Facilities Tournament office – officials conference room with refreshments and snacks – Coaches’ retreat room – Clean and safe shower room