Online Event Entries

Click HERE to register your athletes in events in the North East Regional Track & Field Meet in Rexton, NB on May 28, 2022.

Click HERE to register your athletes in events in the South West Regional Track & Field Meet in Saint John, NB on May 28, 2022.

Closing Date: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

Para events coaches will have to register their athletes in a class.  If they are visual impaired they register them under Class 11 (only available in the 100m and shot put), if the athlete is a wheelchair athlete they register as 54 (100m and or shot put).

Fees: $5 per athlete per event

South West Schools - Make cheque payable to Saint John High School

North East Schools - Make cheque payable to Bonar LawMemorial High School

Instructions for Online Entries

1. Once you are at the correct NBIAA regional meet for your school. (see above instructions) you will be able to go to a page with relevant date, times, fees and contact information for your regional meet. When you are ready to submit your team entries select the Register Now button.

2. All of your entries can be completed using this one simple form. Just fill-in the fields in the order they are presented, but you can skip the athlete’s birthdate field, as the NBIAA track and field meets are based on Junior or Senior categories only (as per NBIAA eligibility).

If your school is not in the list provided, please check with the NBIAA to ensure your school is registered for Track and Field.
3. After you enter all athlete’s information and their events, clicking the Register for this event button at the bottom of the screen will submit your entries. This will also send an email to you with a hyperlink that will permit you to edit your existing entries or add additional entries.

Note: Because this emailed hyperlink is your only way to update your entries it is very important that you type your email address correctly. If your email address is typed incorrectly it will not be possible to update or edit your entries. Also, each time you update your entries you will be emailed a new hyperlink, only use the latest hyperlink! If you use an old hyperlink it will appear like your latest changes were not made.

If you need assistance with:

Online Registration: Please try the online video tutorials at or email your regional contacts.